The 55% chocolate is a kid favorite because it’s the sweetest. It’s also a good start for those who’d like to try something other than milk chocolate.

Only three or less ingredients

70% chocolate is the true definition of dark chocolate. 

But just because it’s getting purer doesn’t mean it’s going to be bitter. It’s still sweet and palate-pleasing, because we mix it to perfection, right here before your eyes. 

 When you come in and see it pouring from the fountain as it mixes, just ask for a warm spoonful and let it melt in your mouth. 


And even though our 85% chocolate bar is more concentrated, people are pleasantly surprised about how smooth and delicious it tastes.

Not to mention that it’s packed with more nutrients that may help your cardiovascular and mental health.

Preservatives Free

Yeah, the 100% chocolate bar is Keto friendly, too, but if you still crave sweetness and want to enjoy the flavor while not falling off the Keto wagon, this is your bar.

GMO free

Try our 100% chocolate bar. We always have samples.

Enjoy fresh from the wrapper. Or use it for baking excellent desserts.